Kathleen Godfroy

At the event in Bali on 1-2 June, we hired an international Dutch club DJ, Rob Soundz, and we are pleased to have his service. The service and communication before the party was incredibly professional, and we will rate it 9 out of 10. He did a great job and he communicated with us well.

The DJ service and additional services happened on time and precisely. He arrived two hours before the event time. We are satisfied with the entire vibe of the party. He played all the requested music and songs. Although the young girls wanted to have hip-hop songs and they were disappointed because DJ Rob doesn’t have many hip-hop songs, but we honestly don’t think it was his fault because the event was not for the girls or to have their music played. The event was for the bosses to enjoy their house and trance music.

Rob Soundz is a professional DJ. He was on time, he was presentable, and he respected all the guests in the event even though most of them were drunk and quite annoying but DJ Rob was still cool and calm. We are pleased with his service and would definitely recommend him to our friends and associates.