Jolena William

organiser of the Spice charity bazaar & flea market in Made's Warung, Bali in 2013 | Jolena William |

I appreciate you taking your time to come out a couple days before the event to arrange and talk through the run down of the event. On the day itself, you were at Made’s warung well before the arranged time, and stuck to all the agreements that were made! Thank you for your contribution.

We were highly satisfied and the music played set a very nice vibe for our Saturday market. You were very professional from the moment of setting up, supportive of the surrounding acts (even though they were late) and communicative with me as well. I appreciated how you interacted with participants on the day as well.

I would and I imagine you would have gotten requests from participants. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you for your support in this event and hopefully in more events to come!!